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How does your digital marketing knowledge stack-up?

Take the Digital Skills Index to see how you measure up across 11 topics integral to modern marketing. It’ll help you identify your strengths and weaknesses, benchmark you against your peers, and provide tailored learning journeys to develop further.

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The Fundamentals of Modern Marketing Mindset

This report answers the following questions:

  • What is mindset and what is a ‘modern marketing mindset’?
  • What is the relationship between mindset and individual performance?
  • How can mindset underpin career success and broader organisation success?
  • How can a marketing mindset be cultivated?
  • What are the considerations for cultivating an organisational approach to mindset?

Skills and resourcing

Modern Marketing Job Descriptions

This guide covers the challenges specific to hiring for the skillsets required by modern marketing teams in the digital age. It looks at how to use job descriptions as a marketing tool, overcoming the skills gap, building diversity and inclusion into the hiring process, and more.

Leadership and change

More reports and webinars

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Building a Digital Culture

Pragmatic advice for marketers, HR professionals and other leaders about how to apply, support and promote a digital culture within teams and organisations, in order to enable greater agility and improved customer experience.

Latest Articles

wulfric light wilkinson

Wulfric Light-Wilkinson, GM EMEA of Wunderkind, on performance marketing beyond the third-party cookie

Wulfric Light-Wilkinson is General Manager EMEA at performance marketing engine Wunderkind. We chatted with Wulfric about how Wunderkind has managed to grow through the pandemic, how performance marketers can adapt to the phasing out of third-party cookies, and the biggest upcoming opportunities for the company. Tell us about your role – what does a typical […]

Ed Turner, CIO at Asendia UK, on the future of ecommerce fulfilment

Ed Turner is Chief Information Officer for Asendia UK – a company that offers logistics and fulfilment capabilities. Turner tells us more about his role, and explains his views on the biggest operational challenges for today’s online retailers, the impact of AI, and the future of ecommerce fulfilment. Tell us about your role, and how […]

A day in the life of… Richard Wilson, CEO of Clickon

Today’s ‘Day in the Life’ features Richard Wilson – the CEO of creative production and marketing solutions company, Clickon. Clickon’s core focus is sustainable advertising – the company delivers sustainable creative production for in-house brand studios, agencies, and production companies. Clickon has also made the commitment to become carbon neutral by 2025. I spoke with Richard […]

Adrian Frenzel

A day in the life of… Adrian Frenzel, CEO and Founder of EatFirst

In today’s ‘Day in the Life’, we chat to Adrian Frenzel, the CEO and founder of corporate catering company, EatFirst. Adrian talks about his past experiences as Co-CEO of Hello Fresh USA, how EatFirst has navigated the pandemic, and his predictions for the future of the food delivery market. What was the motivation behind creating […]

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